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Black Oxide for Fasteners

There are three main types of processes for black oxide treatment for fasteners.

One is the hot bath (hot black oxide), which is a process that involves dipping the fasteners into various bins of chemicals while intermittently placing them in water. Details for the technical specifications of the black oxide process can be found in our Black Oxide Process article.

The alternative type of process is a cold coating, which means treating the fasteners with a copper selenium coating at room temperature. Another alternative is the mid-temperature process which can convert the surface of the fasteners to magnetite at a lower temperature. The hot black oxide process is generally known to yield highly effective results that are consistent. Alternatively, the cold oxide process will tend to show variations in color and can potentially cause the black finish to rub off.

At Pro-Tec Metal Finishing in Chicago, Illinois, we have a process line of hot black oxide that's used to produce a true durable black oxide conversion coating on steel, stainless steel and copper alloys. From the black oxide process, these essentially dimensionless coatings create very decorative, highly durable black finishes that leave an absorbing oxide layer for oils and waxes that will provide for enhanced corrosion protection. This makes our black oxide a great solution for fasteners.

We can custom design and apply the right process to give your fasteners the right black oxide finish, specific to your application. Simply call or send us an email for pricing!

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