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Mass Finishing-Deburring

Mass finishing allows for the mechanical finishing of many parts simultaneously. In addition to deburring, mass finishing may also be used to descale, brighten, and polish parts. Mass deburring is considered a 'loose-abrasive' method in which batches of parts are vibrated or tumbled in specifically designed tubs or barrels along with an abrasive media. Deburring media may be produced from organic, and preformed metallic, ceramic, or resin-bonded plastic materials. Preformed media ranges in a variety of sizes and shapes. In addition to the media, mass finishing usually employs water or other water-soluble compounds.

Vibratory finishing is the most common mass finishing method. Vibration frequency can range from 800 to 3600 vibrations per minute.
  • Machine Range From 2 Cu. Ft.-40 Cu. Ft.
  • Part on Part
  • Media-Ceramic, Plastic, Hard Shell, Corn Cob & Steel

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